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The Next Generation Indie Book Awards is the largest Not-for-Profit book awards program for indie authors and independent publishers. In its ninth year of operation, the Next Generation Indie Book Awards was established to recognize and honor the most exceptional independently published books in over 70 different categories, for the year, and is presented by Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group ( in cooperation with Marilyn Allen of Allen O'Shea Literary Agency.

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Judges' Bios

Key Personnel of the
Next Generation Indie Book Awards

Marilyn Allen, Literary Agent and Advisor
Marilyn Allen is founder and partner in the Allen O'Shea Literary Agency which focuses on writers of practical nonfiction. Before starting the agency she held senior positions in sales and marketing for several publishers including Penguin Books, Simon & Schuster and culminating as the Associate Publisher and Senior Vice President of Marketing for Harper Collins. She has taught publishing courses at New York University and at Gotham Publishing. She along with her partner is the author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Book Proposals and Query Letters (Penguin 2011). She can be reached through their website

Shelley Anderson, Awards Coordinator
An invaluable resource to the Next Generation Indie Book Awards, Shelley Anderson works well under pressure and brings her managerial, organizational, communication and people skills to help run and coordinate the awards program. In the Spring of each year, Shelley is entrenched working long hours to ensure that everything that is required for the awards program and the promotion of the Winners and Finalists is handled.

Laura de Jonge, Ph.D, Advisor
Dr. Laura (Lolly) de Jonge is an Advisor to the Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Bringing decades of executive experience in the private and non-profit sectors, Lolly's background is in the energy and publishing industries and as a women's health advocate. A provocative change agent, writer and filmmaker, Lolly's writing was first published in 1984 and spans print, visual and audio platforms. She founded Birthing Magazine in 1997 and served as its inaugural Editor-in-Chief. Lolly's recent publications focus on the role of business in society with emphasis on corporate social responsibility, business ethics and leadership.

Gareth Esersky, Advisor
Gareth is a literary agent, editor, reviewer and author and has worked in the publishing industry for thirty years. Formerly an editor at major trade publishing houses, Gareth has been affiliated with the Carol Mann Literary Agency since 1993 and is a reviewer for Publishers Weekly. Since the inception of the Next Generation Indie Book Awards, Gareth has acted as an invaluable advisor and judge bringing her experienced perspective from many years in the industry.

Catherine Goulet, Awards Chairperson
As co-founder of the Next Generation Indie Book Awards, Catherine Goulet is in her ninth year serving as Awards Chairperson for this esteemed book awards program. Catherine brings over twenty-five years of executive management, entrepreneurial and publishing experience to put together and run the largest not-for-profit book awards program for indie authors and independent publishers. One of Catherine's goals is to make the Next Generation Indie Book Awards the "Sundance" for indie books. Catherine is also the Co-CEO of FabJob Inc., an award- winning indie and medium sized publishing house named the #1 place to get published online by Writer's Digest.

Beth Kallman-Werner, Advisor
Beth has been a professional editor since the age of 20, and has counseled some of the world's largest companies on global marketing and integrated media. She came to book publishing in 2008 as Director of Marketing & Sales for Kirkus Reviews. Beth has worked with both traditional publishers and indie authors on book marketing and special media projects. In 2010 she launched Author Connections, LLC. Her professional mission is to educate, encourage and empower authors, helping them bring excellent books to hungry readers.

Wayne Logan, Legal Counsel/Intellectual Property Attorney
With more than 20 years experience as an intellectual property and sports and entertainment lawyer, Wayne brings to the Next Generation Indie Book Awards his expertise and extensive legal background in copyright, trademarks and publishing matters. A bio of Wayne can be found here (opens in a new window).

Chris Marks, Web Developer
Bringing to the Next Generation Indie Book Awards his extensive technical abilities and knowledge of web development, Chris is in charge of developing and maintaining our website on an ongoing basis to ensure that it runs smoothly and continues to grow with the Next Generation Indie Books Awards program.

Matthew Miller, Advisor
Matthew holds three university degrees including a business degree in Entrepreneurial Management and brings decades of business, education, and leadership experience to his role. Previously, Matthew worked for The Red Cross, managing a multi-million dollar budget and a staff of fund development coordinators. He also served as National Association and Alliance Partnership Manager for Franklin Covey Canada, a training company offering the work of Stephen R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Additionally, Matthew has consulted and worked on special projects for a well-known independent publishing company with several million dollars in sales.

John M. McDougall, Advisor
John has been in the publishing industry since the 1990s in a number of roles including editorial, operational (including rights, acquisitions and distribution) and executive management. He is a co-founder of the Independent Book Publishing Professionals Group, an organization that aims to promote professional standards in independent book publishing. John is a published poet and an avid reader of historical non-fiction; a hobby he developed following his college years when he studied history with an emphasis on comparative religion. One of his goals is to highlight emerging authors.

Kimberly Wood, Book Coordinator
As a graduate from Oregon State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business, Kimberly is in charge of coordinating and receiving all the books for the Next Generation Indie Book Awards, maintaining our entry database, and disseminating books to all of our judges across North America. Kimberly's outstanding organizational skills and communication skills, and her ability to perform under pressure with an eye for detail, are an asset in keeping on top of our database and coordinating the ongoing influx of books. Kimberly is married with two teenage boys and was a stay-at-home mom for a number of years. During that time, Kimberly was an active volunteer for several programs, which helped her develop a very broad skill base.

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